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We believe that technology should adapt to people, not the other way round.

Empowering people with the right headset technology for their needs can significantly boost their productivity, improve customer relations and drive efficiency.

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Now is the time to look after your customers


Buying experiences relate to the service not just the product

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated and 90% would like to pay extra to get better service


Bad service at the moment of buying dramatically reduces revenue

55% of customers will back out of a purchase due to poor customer service.


Great service is the new killer feature

Only 12% of marketing budget is spent on looking after existing customers.

The best headsets for call centre & contact centre agents

Call centre workers generally sit at their desk for the majority of the day. They experience a high volume of calls of low complexity. Handling as many calls as possible is usually the most important KPI for these employees and businesses.

  • Missed calls, bad call quality or an unhappy call centre team can all lead to lower customer satisfaction and lost business, as well as staff absenteeism
  • Stress is one of the most negative factors influencing productivity, second only to noise
  • Providing easy-to-use headsets that offer optimal sound, comfort and noise reduction

The best headsets for specialist customer service

This group are specialist customer service employees working in set-ups that focus on creating efficient interactions. The complexity of these interactions is relatively high, with varying levels of concentration and conversation required throughout the day.

  • Stress is a key negative factor with many calls per day
  • It’s important to reduce noise and help concentration
  • Tasks are often complex and repetitive. Their dominant work mode is concentration where they’ll prepare for the next call.

The most productive people in this segment are very proactive in their behaviour. They plan their day to allow for specific concentration time. They focus by listening to music, blocking out unnecessary noise and by letting others know that they are busy.

The best headsets for professionals and traders

In this group, we typically find financial professionals such as traders and brokers. It also covers key account management roles (e.g. an export department), while estate agencies and emergency services also fall into this category. They take a lot of important calls, from dealing with investments on the stock exchange to closing a sale between a supplier and his customer.

  • Their environments are often noisy and employees are frequently interrupted
  • Employees experience stress due to the number of calls and emails

The best headsets for financial advisors and consultants

Here, some of the most valuable customer interactions are made over the phone. Typically, the financial sector has led the movement for delivering high value to customers without the need for physical meetings, through consultancy services such as private banking and accounting. Calls are of high value to the customer. They may be calling about their pension, investment portfolio or an important legal matter such as the purchase of their house.

  • High need for concentration during the day. Their productivity is negatively impacted by the noise level in the office
  • These employees need to be heard clearly when on a call and remain focused as they prepare for their next one
  • The most productive people create a positive workflow by listening to music for more than 3 hours a day.

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